Community Connection

This year we want you to get involved in supporting local community groups.

Below you will find different ways you can help while being creative and having fun.

Entry Form Closing Date Delivery Dates Pick Up Date
Thursday, August 13th

Wednesday, August  19th  @  10AM - 6PM

Thursday, August 20th   @  10AM - 6PM

CCS - 2 & 3 Only 
Decorating Date:
 Tuesday September 1st  @  10AM - 6PM
*Note: You can bring the tree in decorated or bring your group in and do it on-site

Tuesday Sept 22nd  @  10AM - 6PM



Bra Bedazzle (CCS - 1)

ENTRY FEE: $2.00 per Entry
Prize Money for each Section:

1st- $40   |   2nd- $25   |   3rd- $15

Put that old or worn out bra to good use.  Ribbons, bows, beads and whatever your imagination can come up will make that old bra a one of a kind masterpiece.

For this contest not only will all entry fee money will be going to Braz for the CAUSE but Western Fair will match the total amount raised.   The 1st place bra will become the property of Braz for the CAUSE and will be used as a display item at other Braz for the CAUSE events.

Braz for a Cause Braz for the Cause is a grassroots organization run entirely by volunteers.  Monies raised does not fund research but directly supports breast cancer patients through the Massel-Cruickshank Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund by way of the London Regional Cancer Program Patient Assistance Program.



Food Bank Castle  (CCS - 2)

Prize Money for each Section:

1st- $40   |   2nd- $25   |   3rd- $15

Food Bank Castle
Special Notes:
  • Please ensure food is able to be donated to the London Food Bank following the competition (ie. Not expired, and not open)
  • Size:  From ground to top of the castle, max height is 72” tall, max footprint of castle is 25” x 25”. Minimum height of 12”.
  • Castles will be judged on all decorations plus creativity in how it relates to your organization. 
  • Accessories like flags are accepted
  • Western Fair will make one sign 8.5” x 11” which will be placed in front of your castle
  • You can bring your items in and assemble them on site



Not Your Traditional Tree (CCS - 3)

Christmas Tree


ENTRY FEE: $5.00 per Entry
Prize Money for each Section:

1st- $250   |   2nd- $100   |   3rd- $50

NOTE: This contest is open to organizations only.  Examples:  Service/sports clubs, senior centers, churches, guilds, classrooms, businesses, etc. 

It’s time to make your own tree! From hub caps, hockey sticks, egg cartons to tires or books. Design your own tree.

Special Notes:

Christmas Tree

  • Each tree must represent an organization. 
  • Size:  From ground to tip of the tree topper, minimum 4ft, maximum 8ft
  • Each tree will be given a 5 x 5 ft square.
  • Trees will be judged on creativity in how it relates to your organization.
  • Accessories like tree skirts and presents are accepted.
  • Hydro will be supplied, please make sure your cord extends 3 feet from the base of the tree.
  • Western Fair will make one sign which will be placed in front of your tree stating the entry name.