I Spy Pie Contest

Posted Date: 
Monday, August 26, 2019

Keep Your Eyes on the Pies

Starting Monday, August 26th we’ll be hiding these pies throughout London, posting clues to their locations along the way! If you spy a pie, take a photo & send it our way to claim your prize of 2 SuperPasses to Western Fair 2019. 


1. You must physically find the pie to win! Once found, please remove it from it’s location and send us a picture with the pie in your hand. 

2. You can only win once. If a previous I Spy Pie winner finds a second pie, it must be returned to us and will be hidden again for someone new to find.

Be sure to follow along on Instagram & Facebook, and use the hashtag #ISpyPie!  

I Spy Pie Cut Outs